March 21, 2011

5lbs lighter

Filed under: exercise — mommy1st81 @ 8:45 pm

I am 5 lbs lighter than last week…..YEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited and it is just another motivator to keep going and loose all that extra weight that I have, lol.  So I was thinking this morning on my way to work( I have a 45 minute comute so I tend to think a lot during the drive….I don’t think my husband likes it so much though I usually think of things he can do around the house for me!) what motivates me.  Here is what I came up with:


1.  The clerk at my work.  She is always a reminder to eat healthier and make smart snack choices!

2.  The scale.  When I see the numbers going down instead of up it’s a motivator to keep doing what I am doing!

3.  My sister.  My sister and I are loosing weight together and it’s great to have an accountable partner in this weightloss journey.  We try to walk a mile once a week together.

4.  My dr.

5.  Zumba instructor’s.  They have the best attitude and are so enerjetic and positive!

6.  My husband.  For always telling me that I look beautiful even when I don’t feel it at times.


So what motivates you?  It doesn’t have to be weight loss maybe it’s to get that raise you’ve wanted or running your first race.  I’d love to hear!


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