April 7, 2011

The Doctors

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So today was filled with 2 Dr.’s appt’s.  One for my mom and one for me.  I took today off work because my mom HAD to have someone drive and pick her up from her appt. or else they wouldn’t do the procedure….yep you read right procedure.  My mom had to have a colosocopy and I have to say I am so glad it is over and done with.  The best news, no cancer!!!!!  She’s not due back for another 10 years, woohooo!!!!!!  She just has to eat lots more fiber, don’t we all?

My Dr.’s appt. was later in the day and I have to say I LOVE this Dr.  He’s my new OBGYN and he has had experiences in high risk pregnancies, PCOS, etc.  The best part was when he was asking me who I was seeing in Phoenix and I told him my OBGYN’s name and he said that he knows him and actually interned with him while he was going to school to become a Dr…..I tell you God sure does look out for me and my family!  I was having trouble finding a good practice to go to in Yuma and now I’ve finally found one!!:)

I was suppose to go to Zumba class tonight and I didn’t even go last night either but I did run/walk after dinner and I feel so much better!!  Sometimes it can be hard to exercise, especially when you’ve had a long hard day and all you want to do is go lie in bed and watch mindless t.v. like Keeping up with the Kardashians opps I meant house-hunters! I’m just glad I did it! What seems to motivate you to exercise? Tonight it was my Husband, he wanted to go run so I told him to go and then when he got back I would go. We don’t have a jogger yet and can’t wait til we get one that way we can all go as a family especially since our 5 yr old is taking up running lately. Now I am sitting her enjoying a nice healthy chocolate strawberry smoothie and ready to have some cuddle time with the love of my life!


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