About candhsweetness

My name is Holly I am a 29 year old wife, mother, and educator.  I have been married to my husband for 6 years and we have 2 adorable children under the age of 5.  This blog’s purpose is to write about my weight loss journey, my everyday challenges as a working mother of 2 children and one who has SDD( sensory disintegration disorder) and AS( asberger syndrome).  All while going back to school to finish my degree in special education and elementary education and being a wife!!!  WHEW writing that made me tired;)

candhasweetness stands for my husband and my initials.  We met in 2004 on the internet and it’s been love ever since!  We married in 2005 and 7 months later gave birth to our first child, Braden Gregory.  Braden was born 2 months early and stayed in the NICU for his 1st 16 days of life.  He is now a 5.5 year old boy who is full of energy and spunk!  I always tell people that there is never a dull moment with Braden around and it’s so true!  3 years later we had our daughter, Alexa Noelle she was born 4 weeks early but got to come home with us! Alexa is full of curiosity and she is 100% girl!! Chris and I feel very complete with our 2 kids, we couldn’t ask for anything more!  We have 2 loving family’s who support us during our ups and downs, and is there for us no matter what!  Our life is full of sweetness and we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for it everyday!


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