March 31, 2011

Yummy apple cinnamon rollup!

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My husband made me these for breakfast yesterday morning and they were so good!!!  I put all the calories into my recipe calculator and they are only 100 calories for 1!  Great with a side of fruit or even a smoothie:)

Here’s the recipe:

1 pillsbury creasant rolls

1 apple chopped and diced

zero calorie spray butter


1 cup of splenda

1 cup of sugar

Chop apple, set aside.  Mix all dry ingredients into bowl and add apple.  Spray each creasant roll with spray butter.  Spoon mixture evenly among the 8 creasant rolls and fold up.  Put in 350 degree oven for 8-10 minutes…..enjoy!!!


March 27, 2011

So there Jack in the box!!!

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Okay so you probably can tell by now that I am obsessed like my blender a lot!! I just think that it is a must have for any kitchen, especially when you are on the go like I am and still need to eat right! So here’s a recipe that I whipped up tonight and according to my recipe calculator( thanks to sparkpeople) it makes one 3/4 cup and is 198 calories. Not bad for a chocolate shake!  Under 200 calories is great compared to Jack in the box chocolate shake which is 797 calories!!! Go ME!!!!!!!!!!

Quick chocolate ice cream shake:

1 cup of low fat, low cal, sugar free vanilla ice cream( I used bluebunny)
2 TBSP of sugar free chocolate syrup

Put into blender and blend until smooth…..enjoy!:)

March 26, 2011

Chocolate covered strawberry shake

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I got this recipe from and it’s yummy!  No need to go out to dairy queen or even run to the store most of us have all the ingredients in our kitchen!


1 cup of frozen strawberries, unsweetened

1/2-1 cup of skim milk

1 TBSP of coco powder

5-6 packets of splenda


Put all ingredients into blender and blend until it reaches your preferable consistency.  * Note I added some drops of sugar free chocolate syrup for more of the chocolate taste*

Only 114 calories and it serves one person but I couldn’t finish the whole thing!!!!



March 20, 2011

Fruits and veggies oh my!

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My Mom and I signed up for the produce co-op called You get 50% vegetables and 50% fruits and for $15 and you can add on bread, avocado’s, herbs for an additional fee. We added on the Italian package and got some mushrooms, onions and Italian herbs and spices. All of the items we got were locally grown and picked at a discounted rate! Bountifulbaskets is in most states I believe, if you haven’t tried you should……..we are hooked!

So this is what we got:
tangerines, about 12
apples, 4
mangoes, 3,
Bananas, 8
tomatoes, 3
cantaloupe, 1
asparagus, 1lb
purple onions, 6 large
Italian parsley

March 13, 2011

peanut butter protein shake

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I made this today after I got so beat from taking my very 1st boxing class.



1 cup of vanilla soy milk

2 tbsp of creamy peanut butter

2 packets of splenda

2 tbsp of chocolate chip morsels


Blend together in blender and enjoy!  You may add ice if desired…I did!

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