April 4, 2011

Goodbye spring break….hello work!

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Today is the last day of my spring break, ugh!  Going into spring break I didn’t think it was going to be much, I mean Chris and I really didn’t have much planned.  The only thing was to AVOID the Yuma County Fair like the plague.  Chris has BAD allergies and so does Alexa so avoiding the fair was a must and the good news is that we avoided and the 5 year old didn’t ask about, woohoo mission accomplished!  My Mom and I sewed all week and did NO housework, it was awesome!  We decided to do NOTHING and enjoy it!  So here are my Top 10 favorite things I did on Spring Break:

Top 10 favorite things of Spring Break 2011:

10.  Waking up every morning to coffee and the sound of my kids playing

9.  Going to Joann fabric almost everyday for a project

8.  Watching my son paint his countless bird houses that we bought at Joann’s

7.  Making homemade food everynight

6.  Watching a movie everynight with the love of my life!:)

5.  Going to Zumba class ( to me this is awesome because really who wants to workout during spring break?!)

4.  Reading Bert and Ernie’s opposites about 5, 000 times- I can thank my MIL for this one, lol:)

3.  Making a wristlet, cape, and spy backpack for kiddo’s- the wristlet is for me!

2.  Going to movies to see “hop with my kids, my mom and the Bate Clan

and the #1 favorite thing I did on Spring Break 2011 was…………………………………………………………………………………………………..



I love my husband so much, he means the world to me.  He’s always there for me and the kids and does so much for us!!!!!


March 18, 2011


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So on Tuesday night I went to the gym and I was deciding whether or not I should take the Zumba class that was about to start. Well, I decided to go for it! I LOVED IT!!!! Not only was it fun but you burn over 650 calories doing it….that is something I can get behind! So if you have ever thought about taking a Zumba class don’t hesitate and just DO IT!!!!! You can count on me at Zumba class every Tuesday and Wednesday night!

March 13, 2011

I feel like gumby!

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So I went to the gym today for the first time.  I got there and I was going to just go use the weight room and go on the treadmill but the owner told me I should try the boxing class and I was like what the heck!  OH….MY….GAWD!!!!  I have not worked out like that in 3 years or more!  It was great pushing myself but man I am tired!!!!!  I plan to go walking tonight after dinner so I’m  not sore in the morning now normally this would make me think twice about joining the gym but I know I need to do it so I am pushing through!!!!

On another note the hubby and I cleaned the kids room, with their help of course!  It looks awesome and it ONLY took us 90 minutes, hahaha!!!  I love getting things organized around the house:)

Joined a gym

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I did it, today I joined a gym….I’m super excited!!!!!!!!!

A new me!!

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Hello!  This is my very first blog, woohooo!!  The goal of this blog is to write about my weightloss journey, being a mother of 2 kids under the age of 5 and a wife while working and finishing up my bachelors in special eduaction and elementary education.

I have a goal to loose 50 pounds with my sister by the end of September.  I would like to loose 30 more after that.  I hope to give other’s inspiration while doing it.  I have pre-diabetes, PCOS and suffer from depression so loosing weight is not only for my self esteem but for my health, my family and friends.

Me at my heaviest- feb. 2011

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