April 6, 2011

Met with my personal trainer!

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So after a month of joining the gym or there- abouts I starting thinking about my weight loss goals and what I really wanted out of it.  One of them is to be fit and stay that way but I’m not so good about the strength part of it.  So I started looking into personal trainers and I found one!  I met with her today and love it and it’s not too bad on price and the very cool bonus is that there is no contract!!!  So for 4 sessions it’s $130 and she comes to my house and will also show me things I can do at my gym….I’m loving it! My first workout session will in 2 weeks:)


March 29, 2011

You know you like exercising when…..

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Top 5 reasons you know you like exercising:


5. You wake up at 6am on your spring break to do pushups, weights and the ski machine

4. You take a Zumba class 3 nights a week even though you dance like a white girl!

3. You look forward to going to the gym

2. You start buying every cute water bottle you see


and the number one reason you like exercising is………………………………………..




#1  You see those numbers dropping on the scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 22, 2011


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I was getting dressed this morning and a shirt that I bought 2 weeks ago was a little tight in the waist and now it’s super loose….ye haw!

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